Santa Gift Delivery

Santa Gift Delivery

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Santa Gift Delivery
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Santa Gift Delivery Overview

Santa Gift Delivery is the new game with Santa Claus that you will have to help the hardworking old man to share the right gifts for every home that is waiting for him with open arms.

For starters, you will need to know that the game is one that takes place quite quickly, and Santa Claus goes very fast with the sleigh pulled by reindeer, which is why you will have to move quickly with the construction of the route where Santa delivers children's gifts.
As you can see, on the map in front of you, you will have some arrows placed at the key points in the game, respectively at the intersections of the routes so that you can build the Santa's route according to the plan found in children's letters.
To deliver a gift exactly to the right place, you will have to look at the color of the gifts you have, then you will have to look at where you find on the map the color of the house that matches the color of the gift.

Try to deliver as many gifts to the appropriate location to earn bonus points whenever you have the opportunity, and also to help Santa to reach the end of the Christmas mission.

How to play?

use the mouse to tapp the arrows and to change the route.

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