Square Bird

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Square Bird
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What is Square Bird?

Square Bird
Square Bird is a new game with chickens and hens in which you will have to make friends with a square bird, yes, we know, in reality, there is no such bird, but in our new game, you will be able to find such a bird flying trying to get to the end of the missions he has as soon as possible.
In the game, you will have to click once on the mouse (left click) to make a square egg, an egg that will help you rise higher and thus avoid the obstacles you have at every step. If you see that there are higher obstacles in front of you, you will have to press the mouse twice or thrice to get even higher, and this way you will survive all the obstacles you have.

It is clear that every time you manage to pass an obstacle you will be rewarded with a bonus point, and when you collect special items on the route, your score will increase considerably.
The game can be played both endlessly and normally, in which you will have to go through all the levels of difficulty created by the game, but you will have to know that you can not jump from one level to another, you will have to go through the lighter levels for the first time, after which you will be able to unlock the heavier levels.

During the game, you will be able to use your bonus points to change your square bird with another or to bring all kinds of new clothing items, but probably the most important thing is that you will be able to unlock functions that will help you destroy the stone or brick blocks in front of you, and in this way, you will become invincible.
At the top of the game, you have a bar that simulates in real-time how much you have to go through each level so that you know at any time how much you have until you enter the new world.

How to play?

use the mouse.

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