Piggy in the Puddle

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What is Piggy in the Puddle?

Piggy in the Puddle
Pigs in a puddle of water isn't so fun. Add some mud and it will instantly be much better! In this first game of the series, we have to help Piggy fall into the puddle. You will have to avoid obstacles and bring piggy in the puddle. You'll have to use the animals in order to help Piggy get to the puddle, the pigs can do many actions such as pushing, the frog can pull piggy to him, allowing you to swing over obstacles. Each animal has its use in the level, you must use their help to move onto the next level.

There are many obstacles Piggy has to get through in order to play in the puddle, these obstacles include the spikes which will make Piggy cry if he falls into them, blocks that block your way or keep the puddle inaccessible from Piggy. There are also machines that move Piggy or boxes away by the press of a button! There are reflectors that reflect the animals' legs to the correct positions, sometimes you will have to move them to another location using the button and machinery. Sometimes buttons can only be pushed if a box or Piggy is placed on it, for that you will have to use the animals to help you. There are also acorns you can collect scattered in the levels, try to get them all!

If you are ready for Piggy to play in the puddle, press play!


How to play?

Use mouse or finger.

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