Sky Bike Stunt 3D

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What is Sky Bike Stunt 3D?

Sky Bike Stunt 3D
The new Sky Bike Stunt 3D motorcycle game will put you in the middle of the action of intense competition with cross motorcycles that you will have to drive with a lot of precision and strength in every mission you will have.
For a start, you will have to choose between the two game modes, beginner or challenger, after which you will start each level in ascending order so that you can pass all the missions you have every day.

Use the W, A, S, D keys to control the cross bike as well as possible and to be able to jump with the engine over all the obstacles you have in front of you. Each level you manage to pass will bring you money, dollars, which you can use to improve your motorcycle or even buy a new, more efficient one when you have enough money. During the races, you will be able to accumulate new bonuses when you can do a double backflip, or do some juggling in the air when the engine wheels do not touch the ground. The characteristics of an enduro engine are quite simple: cruising speed (maximum speed), power, respectively how many horsepowers it has or KW, and obviously, the brakes, which you will rely on whenever you start a new mission.

At the beginning of each level, you will notice a notification in front of you that will let you know what things you will have to complete in order to reach the maximum score in each level, and also to unlock the next level. The most important thing is not to get injured by a stone, a plane, a helicopter or even to fall from the objects you are driving.

How to play?

Use WASD to drive.

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