Love and Treasure Quest

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What is Love and Treasure Quest?

Love and Treasure Quest
Love and Treasure Quest is a logic and thinking game in which you will have to put your mind to the contribution to succeed in helping the game knight to pass the different levels of difficulty to complete his missions and accumulate. more and more experience and bonus points. For starters, you need to know that every move you make is irreversible, so you need to think 10 times before you do anything.

Your mission will be to focus on the saving solutions in the game and to shoot the appropriate spears, at the right time so as to save the knight and also to accumulate bonus points in the game to win each mission. Most of the time you will have to avoid the fire, open or close any gates that let the fire or water go so that you can put out the fire and reach the diamonds. During the game, you will also find monsters (some small green creatures evolved from reptiles) that you will have to kill or at least avoid. Try to look at all the details of the game so that you can set in motion the various mechanisms that will help you destroy the monsters you have and thus advance in the game.

As your adventure in the temple of treasure deepens, you will have to be more and more careful, because the dangers will be more and more, and the monsters will be more and more, and thus the level of difficulty. of the game will become higher from level to level.

How to play?

Swipe/Tap to Pull the Pin. Swipe around the Rope to cut it.

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