Whacky Chimp

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What is Whacky Chimp?

Whacky Chimp
Whacky Chimp is the new game with Wonder Pets in which you will have to prove to us that you manage to move quickly with the wooden hammer so as to hit with the hammer all those who come out of the round holes. In the game you will meet Turtle Tuck, Old White Mouse, Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming Duckling, or even Ollie the Bunny.

Your mission will be to anticipate as soon as possible the places where your friends from Wonder Pets will appear so as to put the hammer over the hole, and when you see the head, to hit it. Each blow you apply to the animals in Wonder Pets will be worth two points, and the moment you hit the flowers or other objects you will be rewarded with one point.
The moment you manage to hit an animal, you will force it to hide again, but be very careful, because, after a while, you will notice that more and more animals will come and you will have to move quickly. to succeed in hitting them all.

At the top of the game, you will be able to track how many points you have and you will also be able to know how much time you have available for each level. Depending on the level you are at, the game will go faster or slower, as you progress through the levels, you will have to move faster and faster with the hammer you have.

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How to play?

use the mouse.