Connect Puzzle

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What is Connect Puzzle?

Connect Puzzle
In this game, you have to solve the block puzzle to make the painting for your customers. You have the shape and the blocks on the table with which you must fill the shape in. You will have to be fast though if you want to get paid for your painting, you must do the block puzzle in the time given to you. Each customer you manage to satisfy will give you 100 dollars for the painting. This money can be used to buy many varieties of skins and boards. Each board and skin will cost 320 dollars and will unlock a random one from the list.

There are many levels that you can complete in this game, each level varies in difficulty ranging from easy to hard. On easier levels you only have to fill in basic shapes with fewer blocks meanwhile on harder levels you will be given a complex shape with many blocks. Every block puzzle can be completed in 30 seconds, and you only get paid if you manage to complete it in that time frame. Each skin and board have many designs such as random colors and leaf blocks.

Are you ready to solve the shape puzzles? Time to find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse or finger.

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