Knife Hit Challenge

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What is Knife Hit Challenge?

Knife Hit Challenge
There are many knife hit games out there, but this one is unique from the others! In this knife hit game like others, you have to shoot your knife at moving round objects such as tires, balls, and other moving round objects. But what is unique in this game that you also have people on moving platforms, you have to avoid hitting their head, feet, and hands. On the spinning objects, there can also be emeralds that you can collect if you manage to hit them.

Hitting the spinning objects is tricky, some objects also have knives on them already, hitting any knives on the object that is on it already or the ones you put in it will fail the game and you have to restart the game. You must time your hits correctly to avoid failing and having to restart. Each knife you manage to put inside the object will give you one score point. At the end of the stage, you will move onto the next one. Using the emeralds, you can unlock a random knife skin from the unique 16 skins available. Every so often you will also get a gift awarding you several emeralds.

If you manage to throw your knives in rapid succession you will get a combo. Are you ready to become the knife hit master? Time to find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse or your finger to throw a knife.

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