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What is Find Money?

Find Money
Do you like shopping? You don't have money? Don't worry! In this game, you have to find the money by solving fun puzzles so you can shop to your heart's content! The point of this game is to find the money hidden in the scene, it can really be anywhere, so be on the lookout for it. But you have to be careful about where you click as you only have a limited amount of clicks, indicated by the lightning meter at the top. Once you run out of clicks/power you must wait until it gets refilled.

If you manage to complete the level in a few clicks, you will get 3 stars, try to get them all! There is also a lottery you can spin for free power and tips. Tips can help you find where the money is if you are struggling with finding it. There are 36 levels in the game, try to beat them all with 3 stars! There are many ways the money can be hidden, broken lights, under others' shirts, basically anywhere. Each level has a unique way of finding the money, sometimes you even get a telescope and try to find through it.

Let's see if you can find all the money!

How to play?

Use the mouser or your finger.

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