Neon Invaders

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What is Neon Invaders?

Neon Invaders
Everyone heard of alien invaders, so we present you the neon version! In this game, you are in a spaceship and you have to shoot the alien invaders to protect yourself by shooting the aliens. But you have to be careful because they shoot back! Luckily you can hide behind your defenses and shoot them from there. You've only got 3 lives, you lose one if you get shot by the aliens, once you lost all of your lives, you'll lose the game and you'll be forced to restart from the beginning.

After you manage to defeat the first stage, the second stage will begin, each stage will introduce more difficulties such as more bullet-resistant aliens that need more than 1 shot to be killed. There are 3 aliens in the game, the regular one, the flying saucer, and the alien with a hole on it. The regular alien needs 1 shot to die, the flying saucer needs 2 while the hole one needs 3 shots to be killed. The fewer aliens are the faster they'll move, making it harder for you to shoot them. There is also an alien that only appears sometimes but if you manage to shoot it, it will get destroyed and will drop a health point that you can collect to restore 1 health point.

There are also 3 backgrounds and 3 spaceships you can choose, blue, red or orange background and the same colors apply to the 3 spaceships. Time to destroy the aliens!

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How to play?

Use the ARROW keys to move and SPACE to shoot. On mobile use the onscreen buttons.