Crazy Kick!

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What is Crazy Kick!?

Crazy Kick!
Crazy Kick! Is a new football game where you control the ball! Your job is to score a goal by moving and shooting the ball into the goal. You have to be careful though, there are people on the field and there is also the goalkeeper who tries to prevent you from scoring the goal. If you manage to get close and avoid them, you will get 15 score points. You have to be careful though, if the players, the goalkeeper or you manage to shoot your ball outside of the boundaries, you will fail the level and will be forced to restart.

On each level, you will also find coins. Coins can be used to buy new football skins, it will cost 500 coins and a random one will be unlocked. You may also find keys on the level, keys can be used to open chests if you collect 3. You will get 9 chests and you can use your 3 keys to open 3 of them. The chests contain different amounts of coins that you can get if you open them. Each level may also have different obstacles such as fruit baskets, boxes, and even nets that block your ball.

Are you ready to score a goal? Play to find out!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or your finger