Crazy Naruto

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What is Crazy Naruto?

Crazy Naruto

Crazy Naruto is an MMO game where you play as characters from the popular series, Naruto! First, you must choose your character, each of them having their own "Jutsu". A Jutsu is a sort of trick, spell, skill, or method and it's unique to each Naruto character. Each character has a different Jutsu, Senju has the "Taijutsu" which means she excels in unarmed combat, Uzumaki's Jutsu is the "Ninjutsu" which means she is good at stealth, basically using "Ninja Techniques". Lastly, Uchiha's Jutsu is the "Senjutsu" which basically means that she can use sage techniques and gather natural energy around the person.

Once you spawn into the world, you will start small, you won't have any levels, but once you start fighting you'll gain levels very fast. After each battle, you will get items, these items can be upgraded to higher levels that give you advantages in battles. These items can also be upgraded in many different ways using their respective items needed to upgrade. You can also recruit more mates to help you in the battles, each character has their own set of items and skills. Your characters may also have pets that can be upgraded who also help in the battles.

Once you get good enough, you can pass to the next stage. There are a lot of stages in the game that you can explore. You can also smelt items for bonuses and other items, experience points. Once you complete achievements, you can claim them and also earn experience points and items that help you get better. Have fun playing Crazy Naruto!

How to play?

Use the mouse or finger to play.

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