Rolling Domino

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What is Rolling Domino?

Rolling Domino
In this new game on our website, you must make the dominoes fall with the ball! Your ball and the dominoes spawn in a small area, you must shoot your ball to hit the start of the domino pieces to make the other pieces fall. Each level has a unique domino arrangement, and some of them even reveal a shape like an emoji, an umbrella, or any other item. Each level has coins in it and occasionally keys too. To collect the coins you must either touch it with your ball or let the dominoes hit them, same with the keys.

The keys can be used to open chests, once you get 3 keys you'll be able to open 3 chests from a grid of 9 total chests. Coins can be used to buy ball skins, you choose the skin you'd like to own and buy it, you can choose from lots of skins so take your time! You can also get skins for your ball by opening a prize every 2 minutes or by opening a chest. On some levels, you may find obstacles such as the moving platform and the pillar. The platform will move left and right blocking your path to making the dominoes fall and you must wait for it to pass, the pillar moves up and down from the ground, also blocking your path.

On some levels you may find explosives, once the dominoes or the ball touch it, they will explode creating a huge explosion that throws the dominoes left and right, this helps you make all the dominoes fall. The ball can also bounce off the walls, this can help you avoid obstacles like the platform and the pillar. The level will fail if the ball fell off the map, or if not all of the dominoes fall down. After completing levels, you may be put in a bonus level where you collect coins without worrying about obstacles, you also get 3 balls to shoot.

Have fun playing Rolling Domino!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.