Pancake Master

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What is Pancake Master?

Pancake Master
We are making pancakes! But you need to help! In this new game on our website, you must transfer the pancake from pan to pan until it reaches the hungry mouths of your customers. Once there you must also feed it to them! First, you need to throw the pancakes from pan to pan, to do so you must time your throw correctly otherwise the pancake may fall outside of the next pan which will fail the level. After you reached the last pan you need to aim your pan to line it up with the customer's mouth, once you've done that you must also aim it horizontally too. If you fail to do that the level will be restarted.

After you complete a level, you'll earn coins. You can use coins to buy skins for your pancakes. It costs 1000 coins and will unlock a random one from the list. You can also get pancake skins if you've completed enough levels and the meter filled up. If you open the game every day, you'll get awards! The first day only 100 coins but as you gradually progress through the week you'll get better and better prizes. On the last day, you'll get a skin instead of coins.

There are 3 customers in the end, you must aim at the one with the open mouth. Have fun playing Pancake Master!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.