Baby Hazel Adventure Book

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What is Baby Hazel Adventure Book?

Baby Hazel Adventure Book

The new game with Baby Hazel will arouse your curiosity because you will have to go through several missions to reach the end of the game. The Adventure Book game will take you through an adventure that will combine several categories of actions inspired by the real-life of little Hazel who spent time on vacation, at the doctor, in an adventure with the family, and many other activities.

In the foreground, we will have Baby Hazel who is in her room, near the fireplace, while she spends her time swinging, and during this time an idea comes to her mind, "what would it be like to start gardening? ", which is why in the next second he goes to the yard, takes some seeds, garden utensils (hoe, spade, gloves, and a water hose). After you have planted the seeds, you will have to water them with a watering can, after which we have to put fertilizer on them and finally wait a few days until the plants grow. The last step we will have to do is to reap the fruits of our labor, and every fruit or vegetable we put in the basket will bring us a bonus point in the game.

In the game, you will have a choice from the following main categories:

  1. vacation: Thanksgiving day, New Year bash, Christmas Time, Halloween Party, Christmas Dream, Christmas Surprise,
  2. adventure: African Safari, Fun Time
  3. doctor: New Born baby, Skin Care
  4. exclusive: Kitchen Time, Hair Care
  5. bonus: Grandparents Day, Brushing Time

We recommend you to try all the games in this book of adventures with Baby Hazel because they are all very beautiful in children's education.

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How to play?

use the mouse to finish all these adventures.