Shortcut Pro

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What is Shortcut Pro?

Shortcut Pro
In this unique racing game on our website, you have to race against the other players on a small racing track! You are surrounded by the ocean so you must be careful not to fall in it. On the race track, you will find slabs that you can use to make yourself a bridge while walking, allowing you to walk over the water and to skip huge parts of the track.

You must try to collect and make the most use of the slabs found on these tracks. When you are walking over the water you will also get a huge speed boost. After finishing a couple of races, you will advance to the next race track that has different curves and a different style from the last. Also, each race may contain the balloon powerup, this powerup allows you to fly for a certain period of time over the level.

When starting a race you can also choose 3 powerups to help you. The rocket powerup speeds your initial speed by 10%, the balloon powerup increases the duration of the in-game balloon powerup by 30%, and lastly, the diamond powerup increases the amounts of diamonds you get as a reward for finishing the level by 20%.

After completing a race you will get some diamonds. The amount depends on your place after finishing the race. Have fun playing Shortcut Pro!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.