Fishing Online 2

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What is Fishing Online 2?

Fishing Online 2

In this pull the pin type game, you have to help the little fish get access to water! Fish need water to live and you must pull the correct pins to get the water to the fish. You have to be careful of the obstacles that you will encounter.

You need to avoid the lava by avoiding pulling the pin under it or by canceling it out with water. There are also enemies that you must avoid or destroy. These enemies can be destroyed by pouring lava on them or by using a bomb. Bombs explode on contact with the floor and will destroy anything in its proximity.

There are 2 types of pins, the ones you can pull and the ones that you can only move up and down or left and right. You have to use these pins to filter out the lava and to allow the water to pass and to also avoid the bomb or to use the bomb to your advantage. Once you complete a level, you will also get stars depending on how well you've done, if you earn enough stars you will unlock additional characters.

Have fun playing Fishing Online!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.

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