#BFFs What's in My Bag Challenge

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What is #BFFs What's in My Bag Challenge?

#BFFs What's in My Bag Challenge
Eliza and Mermaid decide to make DIY bags and to do a #WhatsInMyBag challenge. At the start of the game, we have to choose Eliza's hairstyle, dress, and necklace. There are many different options to choose from, different hairstyles, dresses, and necklaces. There are many options for all types of decorations, for hair you can put short hair, tied up hair, long hair, and more styles. There are many dress options ranging from skirts to jeans, shirts, and more. There is also a small variety of necklaces, all having different shapes and colors.

Next, we put her stuff in her bag, we need to put her phone, lipstick, gum, camera, car keys, nail polish, and other important things shown at the bottom. After that, we choose the handbag's style and we customize it. We can choose its color, the patterns on the bag, the holder's style, the tie, and lastly we choose a sticker to put on the bag.

We must do the same for Mermaid too, and she has different options to choose from, you are free to experiment with different styles and options! When we are done with Mermaid, they can finally do the #WhatsInMyBag challenge!

Press play to help the girls!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.