Block Dancing 3D

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What is Block Dancing 3D?

Block Dancing 3D
In this beat game, you need to time your taps correctly according to the music. There is a lot of music to choose from such as Faded, Dance Monkey, Unity, Attention, and many more! You spawn in a 3D world and you need to tap when the shape changes so your line doesn't go off the road. On the road, you will find music notes that you can collect and also puzzle pieces.

The puzzle pieces can be used to buy skins, there are many skins for the track, ranging from all the colors to emojis and other items like music notes. You can also buy hats for your line, there are many to choose from again, like a magic hat, rainbow hats, headphones, and many more.

Every so often you will also get gifts, giving you coins. If you sign into the game daily you will also get daily gifts, which give you coins, puzzle pieces, effects, and even free themes. You can also choose between sun and moon modes. The moon mode makes the background darker and some other elements in the game. The sun mode gives you the opposite effect of moon mode, it makes elements whiter.

Each song can be completed with 4 stars, additional songs must be unlocked by spending coins.

Are you ready to be the beat master? Time to find out!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.