Swords of Brim

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What is Swords of Brim?

Swords of Brim
In this interesting running game, you need to defend yourself from the enemies by avoiding or defeating them! You start by running on the field and trying to avoid the obstacles. There are many obstacles that are heading right towards you like the small rock that can be jumped over and the tall rock that you can't jump over. You also have the enemies that you need to defeat with your sword.

There are 3 types of enemies, the small one, the tall one, and the flying one. All of them can be defeated with your sword, the sword is in use when you are jumping and sliding so you can defeat the enemies by jumping or sliding as well. Aside from rocks you also have the circle-shaped rock that you need to slide on the ground in order to fit through.

The game gets progressively harder and more random, once you die you will get coins and your score will be shown. You can use the coins to buy new swords, you can choose from a huge variety of swords in the game.

Have fun playing Swords of Brim!

How to play?

Arrow keys to move, Space to attack. Swipe on mobile.

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