Racing Masters

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What is Racing Masters?

Racing Masters
You must win the races! In this interesting racing game, you need to beat your opponents to be in the first place to complete the level. It won't be easy as pie though, you need to be careful of the enemies' rockets! There are multiple power-ups that you can use, most of them which you need to unlock later.

The first power-up is the turbo, it gives you a significant boost. The next one is the shield, this protects you from 1 rocket and is time-limited. The next power-up is the missile that if activated, will target a random enemy and low them down drastically if it manages to hit them. The last power-up is the landmine, once used it will place down a landmine and the first racer that is behind you will go into it and slow him down.

The missile and landmine power-up need to be unlocked by purchasing them using 100 gems each collected by finishing races. You also get coins for finishing a race and you can use them to buy new skins for your car and character. You may also upgrade your power-ups using the gems, they will make their effect stronger and last longer.

Time to win some races!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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