Galactic Judge

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Galactic Judge
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What is Galactic Judge?

Galactic Judge
In this crazy shoot 'em up game you need to complete the missions! In each mission, you will find many obstacles. The first obstacle you will encounter is the very densely packed asteroids you have to shoot to destroy. These asteroids will drop stars once destroyed.

There are also mega asteroids that have space pirates on them and will shoot at you. The space pirates can also fly ships that hurt you by shooting at you or colliding with you. Colliding with any obstacle will dramatically lower your health so you must avoid it at all costs.

There are many types of space pirates. The first ones are the small ones that don't shoot, you can easily destroy these with 1 shot. The next type is the one that can shoot but need 2 shots to destroy by default. The third type is the asteroid base that needs multiple shots to destroy. The last type is the boss that needs to be fired at dozens of times to destroy. Each mission is completed by destroying the final boss fight at the end.

With the stars you can buy upgrades, there are many upgrades to choose from:
  • Fire Rate: Increases the shooting speed of your weapon.
  • Armor: Less damage loss on collisions and when getting hit by bullets.
  • Damage: Increases damage of your bullets.
  • Weapons: Increases the number of bullets you shoot simultaneously.
Time to complete all the missions!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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