Blocky Zombie and Vehicle Shooting

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Blocky Zombie and Vehicle Shooting
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What is Blocky Zombie and Vehicle Shooting?

Blocky Zombie and Vehicle Shooting

In this block shooter game, you need to shoot the zombies! The game features 2 game modes, campaign and multiplayer. In the campaign mode, you have a bunch of missions that you need to complete to finish the campaign mode.

The first mission in the campaign mode is to kill 30 zombies. The game features many maps but on the first campaign mission, you spawn in the Super Mario map. On this map, you will find elements like question blocks and brick blocks. On the map, you have a place where you can buy all types of weapons and a place to buy vehicles.

There are many types of vehicles that you can purchase like the tank, a powerful vehicle that can shoot bullets. The tank comes in multiple variants. You also have a helicopter that you can fly up in the air. Lastly, there is the military van that is a normal van but in a military-style.

Other missions have different objectives like finding the zombie cure and surviving for as long as you have to. In the multiplayer mode, you play with other people or your friends and cooperate with each other to destroy the zombies.

Are you ready to destroy the zombies? Play to find out!

How to play?

WASD to move and to drive; Mouse to look around and shoot; E to interact; Q to change camo; T to change attachments; G to slow down time.

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