Influencer Fashion TV-Show

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Influencer Fashion TV-Show
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What is Influencer Fashion TV-Show?

Influencer Fashion TV-Show
You gotta hurry, the influencer TV show is about to start! You need to help our protagonist, Eliza, get dressed up nicely for the show. First, we need to wash and clean her hair. You need to wash it first with water then apply shampoo, wash, apply beauty products and lastly wash it off again.

Next, you need to arrange her hair, you are free to cut, grow back, and dye her hair as you please. The hairbrush will brush her hair, the scissors will cut off where you point it too while the electric razor will cut off individual strips of hair. You can choose from a lot of dye colors including blue, green, red, and more.

After that, we are ready to apply beauty products to her face! You can choose from many lipstick colors, many cushion blushers, many eye colors, a lot of eyebrow styles, plenty of eyelash styles too, and lastly a lot of eye makeup as well. To change the style you just need to press the beauty product you wish to change.

Once we are done with that, it's time to also dress her up! You can choose her outfit from the many varieties you are given. You can also change the color and the brightness of your chosen clothes. Once you are done with the outfit, the fashion show can begin!

TIme to help Eliza!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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