Jetpack Blast

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What is Jetpack Blast?

Jetpack Blast
In this new jetpack game on our website, you have to fly up to your goal! You must keep flying up and you have to avoid obstacles in doing so. You must avoid the platforms that keep closing and opening as to not crush you while flying upward.

You also have power-ups that help you in your journey. The energy powerup will spawn a protective bubble around you and you will become immune to the platforms for a few seconds. The timer power-up will slow time so you can more easily pass through the platforms. The bomb will explode the platform that is above you. The heart power-up will give you an extra life and you can have as many extra lives as you wish, this power-up will grant you the option to respawn and not lose your score once you got crushed by a platform.

The game is infinite and you must try getting a high score. Time to see if you can be the best!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.