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What is Lines?


In this new game on our website, you have to compete to make the longest line! You will be shown a shape drawn in lines and you need to place your dot or dots on it. Once you've placed your dots, they will start forming lines in every direction they can.

Your job is to place the dots strategically to cover most of the shape with your color. There are numerous shapes you may have to fill. The shapes include many varieties of square shapes, shapes that have diagonal lines in them, triangles, and many more unique shapes.

You need to get the highest percentage of area covered to win the race against your opponents. There are many levels you can finish and you can skip any levels freely if you can't solve them. If you solve a level efficiently enough you will get a prize. You can get bronze, silver, and gold medals depending on how efficient you were.

Time to make the longest line!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.