Wacky Run

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What is Wacky Run?

Wacky Run
Wacky run is a game where you race against your opponents in a crazy obstacle course! You need to keep running until you encounter an obstacle and then you have to stop until the obstacle isn't a threat anymore. If an obstacle hits you, you will get slammed paralyzed for a few seconds, slowing you down.

There are several obstacles in the game, all of them having the same effect. The obstacles you may encounter are blades that come in many varieties including ones that fall downward and those that hit you from the side, huge hammers, batons that push you back, and more!

There are 20 unique levels you can complete in this game. Each level is a huge colored road in the middle of the ocean. You must try to be more efficient than your opponents to beat them. Each level has a different set of obstacles you have to overcome.

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How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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