Amazing Cook

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What is Amazing Cook?

Amazing Cook
You are a cook and you need to compete against other cooks for the ingredients! You need to be fast to collect the ingredients spawning on the map in several locations. Once you collect an ingredient, they will follow you in your behind.

Your job is to bring them to your van, they will disappear and your strength level will increase. The ultimate goal is to become the strongest chef in the match. You have to be careful though, other chefs can steal the ingredients behind you and you can also steal others' ingredients!

Once you finish a match you will be given coins depending on what place you landed on. You can use the coins to buy new skins for your chef. It costs 1000 coins and you can only unlock a random one. After finish a match, you will also advance to the next level which features a different map.

Have fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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