Twist Roller 3D

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What is Twist Roller 3D?

Twist Roller 3D
Twist Roller 3D is a game where you have to destroy the inner blocks with your ring. You have a golden ring that can decrease its size and increase its size as you please. Your ring is moving at a constant speed on a  long white tube and you need to decrease and increase its size to destroy the inner blocks.

You can destroy any colored blocks except the red ones as they will destroy your ring and fail the level. You need to avoid the red blocks and rings to finish the level. On each level, you will encounter red rings, and sometimes red blocks too. The red rings are on the outside of the white tube while the red blocks on the inside.

You need to time your size changes appropriately to not fail the level. The blocks that you have to destroy come in all shapes and colors. To be able to finish the level you need to reach the required broken blocks amount shown on the right. After it has been reached, you can finish the level otherwise you must restart.

Time to break the blocks!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.