Fun Escape 3D

Fun Escape 3D

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Fun Escape 3D
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Fun Escape 3D Overview

You must outrun your opponents to escape from the danger behind you! In this funny game, you must run forward avoiding obstacles and danger while trying not to fall into the water. You also run alongside other opponents that can push you.

The opponents can push you into the water if you aren't careful. The water is very deadly and you will have to restart the level if you fall in it. There are several obstacles you need to overcome along your journeys such as the blocks that come out of the ground, the hammer, and your opponents.

The hammer and the blocks only slow you down for a limited time, they may also sometimes throw you into the water. Your opponents also throw you in the water if you get close to them. The further you go the higher your score will be. Also, make sure you don't go into the water by yourself, you must be careful when controlling your character.

Have fun playing Fun Escape 3D!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch to slide your character.

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