Bobby Jump

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What is Bobby Jump?

Bobby Jump
This is a simple platformer game where you need to collect the key to open the door to the next level. You need to keep jumping until you reach the key. The character can also double jump to reach the goal, the key.

You must also be careful to not fall into the traps. The most common trap you will encounter are the spikes, they are very dangerous and you need to avoid them at all costs to not fail the level instantly. The other obstacle you may encounter is the breaking blocks, if you step on them they will break and make you vulnerable to spikes.

Your character is on a constant run, you must time your jumps correctly to not fail the level. Your character can also bounce off of walls and platforms. The platforms are difficulties you need to overcome to get your hands on the key, you usually need to jump on them and also time your jumps correctly to not fall into the spikes.

Each level contains 3 stars, you can get all 3 of them to completely finish a level but they are only optional. Have fun playing this simple platformer game!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch to jump.

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