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Minifield Overview

Minifield is an interesting platformer game where you are in control of a blue block. The goal of the game is to reach the yellow portal, your goal to finish the level. You must go through the level that is made up of many different colored blocks.

On each level, you will find obstacles too. Some of the obstacles will kill you and set your location to the start of the level.
  • The red block: This block is going between 2 blue blocks constantly.
  • Spikes: These spikes will move out and into the ground at a constant pace.
  • Gates: These gates aren't dangerous and will not kill you but you need a key to open them and pass through.
There are also helpful items that you can use to your advantage. These items are usually required to reach the gate and finish the level.
  • Crates: These crates can be pushed to help you reach higher up.
  • Trampolines: These trampolines bounce you far up on a level, also helping you reach further up.
While in the game, you will also find green diamonds. These green diamonds will increase your jumping force and movement speed. Not all diamonds can be collected when you first play the level, achievements also increase your jumping force and movement speed. Once your block is good enough, you may go back to those levels to collect the diamonds, further increasing your jumping force and speed.

The game also features multiple worlds for you to finish, good luck!

How to play?

WASD or ARROW keys to move, Space to jump, P key pauses the game.

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