Water Race 3D

Water Race 3D
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Water Race 3D Overview

Water Race 3D
Water Race 3D is an exciting new casual game on our website! The goal is to get as far as possible with your surfboard.

You start in long water slides that you must go on with your surfboard. These slides don't last forever, you'll eventually need to jump and get onto the other slide. If you fail to jump over and fall, you will fail the run. Sometimes there is more than 1 option to choose from, be sure to choose the correct one!

Apart from different slides, you also have platforms that you may need to jump on to get to the next slide. The platforms come in 2 types: blue and green. The blue platforms are completely safe to use while the green platforms will fall when you land on them, failing the run.

The game gives you a higher score as you go further and further. When you make a mistake and fail, your end score will be shown to reflect your performance. Before starting a level you can also try a different surfboard than the default one. You can choose from 4 different unique options.

Have fun playing Water Race 3D!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch to slide your character.

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