Ragdoll Gangs

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What is Ragdoll Gangs?

Ragdoll Gangs
Ragdoll Gangs is a fun new game on our website where you need to defeat the bad guys using your character's abilities. The character can kick and punch and also use items that you collect. The game features 2 modes: Arena and Adventure.

In the Arena mode, you must fight against the computer or another player like your friend. You must kick and punch the enemy until its health goes down to 0. In the Arena mode, crates will appear randomly that you can collect. These crates contain helpful items like axes and sticks. These weapons deal more damage and can reach further. The crates can also give you a shield that protects you from the enemy's attacks.

In the adventure mode, you must defeat all of the enemies on the level to pass on to the next one. On the first level, you must pick up items and throw them at the enemy to knock them out. After completing this level you will learn the kicking and punching ability and on the second level, you will have to knock enemies off of a roof.

There are plenty of characters that you can choose from so try them all out! Try to be the ragdoll king!

How to play?

P1: WASD to move, C to interact and pick up items, LShift to run, V to punch, and B to kick. P2: ARROWS to move, I to interact and pick up items, RShift to run, O to punch, and P to kick.

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