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What is is a new zombie game on our website where you need to fight against the zombies with other players. The game features multiple game modes and maps that you can play on to kill zombies or even the players in some game modes.

In the Free for All game mode, you need to run and kill the zombies while watching out and killing other players too. The zombies drop items like guns, grenades, and ammo that you can pick up to get stronger. The game features multiple guns like the pistol, the sniper rifle, machine gun, and more. There are many places on the map like the small wooden house, campfire, etc.

This game can be placed in cooperation too, you can create a room to play with your friends and shoot the zombies to survive for as long as you can! Time to kill the zombies in this new 3D zombie game! Try to be the best survivor!

Kill the zombies!

How to play?

WASD to move. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. E to pick up items. R reloads the weapon.

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