Avoid Dying

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What is Avoid Dying?

Avoid Dying
As the title suggests, Avoid Dying is a game where you need to avoid dying of course! You are an archer standing under a block filled with spikes on the outside and you need to shoot the target. If you aren't careful and you hit the rope, it's game over for you, the spiked block will fall.

It won't be easy though, the target is far away from you, and you must hit the target at much as you possibly can. There is a small indicator to help you correctly aim at the target. Once you've managed to hit a few targets, the game will get harder for you.

The targets will start moving, you have to be very careful to not miss the target or you'll get doom. Also after the moving targets appear, you will encounter multiple targets on the screen at once. You must shoot down all targets to earn a point.

Try to get the best score you possibly can!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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