Combo Slash

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What is Combo Slash?

Combo Slash
A new game full of adrenaline challenges is on our site. Combo Slash is a puzzle game that challenges you to help the two friends meet without being endangered by obstacles in their way.

The rules of the game are extremely simple. Help the girl to meet her friend without falling in place with bombs, polar bears, or clowns, because they will hurt her, and the two friends will not be able to meet, and you will lose the level. Release those who keep the girls at bay and the evil between them, in the correct order, to eliminate the enemy or the bomb first. Once you make sure the dangers have been eliminated, help the girls meet safely.

Challenge yourself and let's try your hand at how you can help the little princesses escape the danger. The game will stimulate and demand a lot of thinking, and will put you to the test! Be active and find the right solutions as soon as possible. The little cartoon characters and the structure of the puzzle game will give you a feeling of well-being, good visual pleasure, and last but not least, it will give you very good thinking exercises.

Have fun!

How to play?

use mouse

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