Fit Balls

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What is Fit Balls?

Fit Balls
Fit Balls is a very simple casual game in which you must fit all the balls in the jar. To fit all balls in the jar, you need to place the balls in the correct order so they can fit as different ball types have different sizes, you must strategically put the balls in the jar.

You must not go over the fill line otherwise you must restart the level or use the 3 bombs that are available to you to blow up the balls in the area. After completing the level you can spin the slot machine to receive a prize like a ball skin or money.

You can also buy ball skins by paying 300 coins to unlock a random one. Some balls can only be unlocked from the slot machine. Depending on the jar, sometimes you may have to put the bigger balls in first to fit all of them or put the smaller ones in first.

Try to fit all the balls!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.