A Dog`s life

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What is A Dog`s life ?

A Dog`s life
A Dog's life is the right game for you if you want to learn how to take care of your puppy and what activities you should have together so that your dog is the happiest.

In the first category of the game, learn how to play with your dog. You have at your disposal a basket with objects (stick, plastic objects, and balls) and next to this basket you have a catapult. She puts it, the object you want to throw away. Here, your dog will teach you to bring back the ball you just threw. In the second category, you will have to learn how to wash your dog after a long day in which you played outside. The first step is to clean the fur with soap. Then, rinse it well so that there are no traces of soap, which can make him sick. Then, give him proper dental hygiene and brush his teeth very well. Rinse well here too.

Now you need to dry the dog a lot so that it doesn't get cold and make sure that the excess water has been removed. In the third stage of the game after you played together and took a short bath, it's time to go to bed. Give your dog your favorite toy, put a blanket on it so that it doesn't get cold, and start reading a story to make it easier for him to fall asleep.

We believe that this game illustrates very well the life that your dog should lead. We hope you enjoy it and help you learn more about a dog's life.

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