Backyard Bugs

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What is Backyard Bugs ?

Backyard Bugs
We have a new educational game for you, dear children. We invite you to discover the nature that surrounds us every day. Let's learn everything we can and recognize the little insects that help the environment a lot.

Some creatures live in grass, others in flowers, and others live flying through the air. Now you have the opportunity to get acquainted with them. For example, the ladybug lives in the grass. Using a magnifying glass you will have to find her and help her reach her family. It's the same with bees. Once you find them, guide them to collect as much pollen as possible because they will produce honey. But be careful of carnivorous plants that will eat these little creatures.

As you begin to know as many creatures as possible and help them, you will unlock new levels where you will have to help other insects get where they want. You will discover other little creatures and make friends with them.

Have fun.

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How to play?

use the mouse