Ready for Preschool "Pattern Party"

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Ready for Preschool
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What is Ready for Preschool "Pattern Party"?

Ready for Preschool
We have a new game on our site with the beloved Disney Channel characters. Let's help Mira get ready for a party before she goes back to school because the summer vacation is over.

Mira will need some preparation before the party. The first time you have to help her make three cakes according to the instructions you have on the left side of the game. You need to gather the base of the cake in a tray. Be sure to collect the cakes according to the instructions because they fall randomly. Now it's time to help Mira prepare the decorative garlands in the room where the party will take place. Cut out the necessary paper according to the models and follow the instructions. You will have to make four such garlands.

Now it's time to color the flowers that Mira already has. You will have four colored flowers, which will lack several colors. Color them correctly according to the already existing model. We reach the end of the training. Choose the right music for the theme of your party. The music must be one with a rhythm according to your theme. You will have 4 rhythms to choose from. Now that you've finished all the preparations with flying colors, the party can begin.

Have fun.

How to play?

use the mouse

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