Disney Bounce

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What is Disney Bounce?

Disney Bounce
Disney Bounce is a new game from Disney inspired by winter sports, in which you will have to learn to ride a snowboard, play volleyball, jump at least 50m in long jumps, learn to go skiing like and other winter sports.

An important thing is that the game can be played in two players, which is why you will have to select from the beginning of the game how many characters you will play, single-player or double, after which you select the activity you want to practice. . In order to unlock all the sports, you will first have to win the first races, respectively the snowboard races. The next step will be to decide with whom you want to start these races, and in this chapter, you will have to choose between Griffin, Mal, Zed (Disney's Zombies), Jiminy Cricket (Big City Greens), Mickey Mouse, Scrooge (Donald Duck ), or Mira (royal Detective).

Your mission will be to focus on your route, to avoid obstacles, and to jump over bonus points, because, just if you catch the golden stars you will be rewarded with a high score. Try to touch your goal as fast as you can without dying with all ours characters from Disney Jr.

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How to play?

use the mouse and the arrows to finish all these missions.