Mystery at the Tremont

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What is Mystery at the Tremont?

Mystery at the Tremont
Mystery at the Tremont is a new game from the category DinseyChannel games. A group of young people wants to visit a famous hotel in the locality, but that hotel is haunted. You, along with them, will have to find hints that will help them explore the hotel.

Once you enter the hotel you will have to find clues to help you find the key to the door that will take you further in the game. To find the key to the first door, you will first need to find where it is hidden. Search carefully. but as fast as you can. All this time, more and more ghosts are roaming the Tremont Hotel that can hurt you.

In each room you enter, you will have to find various things that will help you solve the mysteries. Each level will become more and more difficult and you will have to defend yourself from the ghosts of Tremont that are dangerous. Find the clues and get out of the haunted rooms in time to be safe.

We hope you like the game as much as possible and we invite you to discover other games on our site. Enjoy it.

How to play?

use the mouse

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