Sprinter 2

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What is Sprinter 2?

Sprinter 2
Are you ready to show your skills in front of everyone? Here is a new challenge on our website. Try to run 100 meters in record time with champions in this sport. Call your friends and try each of you to break the record.

The game is very simple. At the starting line, there are 5 more competitors joining the race. The five are the best athletes who practice this sport regularly. You have at your disposal nine levels in which you have to overcome your personal records. To get better, you have to collect coins along the way. You need to know that the faster you run, the more coins you will receive.

With the coins collected during the race, you will have to make some improvements as far as you are concerned. You have to change the running equipment, and you can also change the character with one that can bring you sports performance. With these upgrades, you can reach the last level in which you will duel side by side with the greatest athletes and champions in this sport. Try to get as little time as possible and run as hard as you can to win this competition in the first place.

Have fun.

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How to play?

use the arrows to run