Hammer Master

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What is Hammer Master?

Hammer Master
Hammer Master is a new casual game on our website in which you are in control of a hammer and you need to guide this hammer so that it can hammer the nails in the ground. What nails you can hammer in the ground depends on the color of the hammer and the nails, they have to match.

Hammering in a nail that doesn't match the color of your hammer will result in you losing a life, you only have 3 lives in total. The hammering is in sync with the music's beat, you only need to slide the hammer to the correct nails.

The color of your hammer can change, you will encounter colored lines that will change the color of your hammer to a different color, you have to start hammering different colors of nails to avoid losing lives. Once you've completed a level you will get a random amount of coins that you can use to buy hammer skins.

Have fun playing Hammer Master!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.