OOTD Floral Outfits Design

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OOTD Floral Outfits Design
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What is OOTD Floral Outfits Design?

OOTD Floral Outfits Design
Dear girls
We know that you really like other girls' dress-up games, and we know that your favorite activities are shopping in the mall with your friends. Let's try our new dress-up and makeup game. We guarantee you will like it.

Best friends are meeting to change their wardrobe now that spring has arrived. They consult and come to the conclusion that a wardrobe with flower motifs would be very beautiful. So, they stop thinking and go shopping.

Your mission now begins. For each of the four girls, you will have to prepare a wardrobe so that it matches what the girls want. You will start by applying contact lenses, finding a perfect bag, and modeling your eyebrows. After you have finished finding the perfect look for your face, you must also find the perfect outfit. Choose the hairstyle that best represents that girl. You have ten outfits available after you style it. Choose the most beautiful.
Put a necklace to match the outfit. You have to repeat these steps for all the girls so that in the end, they can go home happy.

We hope you like this game and invite you to discover other games on our site. Have fun.

How to play?

use the mouse

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