Ella's Rainy Wedding Planner

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What is Ella's Rainy Wedding Planner?

Ella's Rainy Wedding Planner

The big day for Ella has arrived. She is preparing for the most beautiful day so far, the wedding day. However, a small detail seems to want to ruin his day. Heavy rains have been announced, and as Ella wants to get married outdoors, she needs your help. Come and help her have a fairytale wedding.

First of all, you will have to help Ella with the right makeup, which will not degrade due to the rain outside. So, start by applying a waterproof makeup base. Then she finds the perfect creams for her skin, ensuring the necessary hydration during the beautiful event. Apply a concealer to help mask the small imperfections on Ella's face. In the next step, apply makeup powder on Ella's face, find the right lenses, apply a nice mascara, and the makeup part is ready. Don't forget a special lipstick.

Because we are talking about a unique event in our lives and very beautiful, Ella wants to have the most beautiful bouquet of the bride. Choose the most beautiful flowers, and create the right flower bouquet for Ella. Once you have chosen the bridal bouquet, Ella must wear the perfect outfit. Choose the right hairstyle, wedding dress, and veil that will define the final outfit. Last but not least, find her an umbrella to match her dress because it is raining heavily on the wedding day. Ella is ready to move on to the new stage of her life. Find the right archway for the wedding venue.

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