Fungie Jumper

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Fungie Jumper
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What is Fungie Jumper?

Fungie Jumper
Dear children,
The Fungies return to our site with a new game for you. Come and lend a helping hand to your friend so he can decorate his sign the way he wants.

The game is very simple. You will have to jump on the platforms to help Seth to be able to bring down the snow that sits at a height. He wants to bring her home because his mother has made a special corner with a shelf where she puts her children's achievements. Seth really wants to store his snow there. Also there, his mother stores, for example, Seth's first tooth or their small achievements from school.

To move with Seth you will use the arrows and jump. You have to make sure that you don't fall because the fall will cancel all your progress until then and you will have to restart the game from 0. Jump as high as you can so that you can manage to cover as much distance as possible, and if you will be able to collect diamonds, sweets, or other precious stones, please do so because, in the end, you will have a higher score.

Did I make you curious? Stop thinking, because Seth and his friends and Cartoon Network characters can't wait to have fun together. Come with your friends and the fun will be guaranteed. We invite you to discover another game on our site.

Enjoy it.

How to play?

use the arrow keys

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