The Fungies Match Up

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What is The Fungies Match Up?

The Fungies Match Up
The cute characters from The Fungies, the most beloved Cartoon Network series, bring you dear children, a new game. Let's try this memory game with your favorite characters.

The rules of the game are simple. You have to identify paired cards so that when you match them they will disappear and you will receive points. Be as fast as possible to be able to find as many such pairs as possible. For a level to be complete, all playing cards must be found in pairs and the game board must be clean, with no cards on it.

The game offers you three game modes. Choose the one you think suits you best. They are Time Attack, Free Play, or Expert.
  1. Time Attack - here you will have to complete the level before the allotted time ends
  2. Free Play - in this module you don't have time, and you decide when to finish the level. Here you have the most time available.
  3. Expert - is the module that is dedicated to experts in memory games in which here, you will lose a life every time you do not find the right pair of cards
We hope you like the games with The Fungies and we invite you to discover other games with your favorite characters on our site. But we invite you to discover other games from our site. Enjoy it.

How to play?

use the mouse

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