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Nitro Knights.Io
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What is Nitro Knights.Io?

Nitro Knights.Io
Dear children,
We have a new 3D game for you. Come and help the character to collect as many coins as possible to win the level.

The game is structured in five levels and at each level, you will have to do certain tasks. For example, in the first level, you will have to collect a number of coins set in a time interval. In the second level, you have to kill two enemies plus collecting coins, also in a limited time. At each level you have only two lives at your disposal, so be very careful not to be killed by enemies.

It is very important not to leave the game board because standing a lot in space, you will lose the energy needed for the game and you will go through the harder level and you will not fit in the allotted time. If you end up being killed by enemies, everything you have collected so far is lost, and the enemies will collect everything from you. On the route, you will also find the Nitro booster that will give you enough extra energy to be faster on the route. Remember, as you gain levels they will become more complex.

We hope you enjoyed the game and we invite you to discover other games on our site.

Enjoy it

How to play?

use the mouse

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